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Ornamental fence at Châteauguay

Ideal for securing your pool and also very popular for your yard entrance, ornamental fencing does not block the view to your pool and add great elegance to your property. Ornamental fences are covered with maximum protection and are very durable. Several door styles are available.

Handmade wrought iron fences are made to your specifications. They bring a rich and classic look to your home.

Chain link with decorative slats

Chain link with decorative slats fence at Mercier

Add privacy to your chain link fence by inserting slats. Aesthetic and economic they are resistant to U.V. rays.

Chain link

Chain link fence at Beauharnois

No 1 choice in our region, chain link fence comes in several colors and heights. Our fences are installed in concrete bases by our professional and experienced team.


Fence in P.V.C. at Léry

P.V.C. fences are functional, durable, UV treated and made of only virgin resin grade.

Throughout your project we will guide you professionally to ensure success.